Policy and Objectives


The objectives of STPI are:

  • (a) To promote the development and export of software and software services including IT/ITeS/Bio-IT.
  • (b) To provide statutory and other promotional services to the exporters by implementing Software Technology Park (STP)/ Electronics and Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) Schemes and other such schemes which may be formulated and entrusted by the Government from time to time.
  • (c) To provide data communication services including value-added services to IT/ITeS related industries.
  • (d) To promote MSMEs by creating conducive environment for entrepreneurship in the field of IT/ITeS.


STPI performs all functions necessary to fulfill its objectives including:

Establish Software Technology Parks/Centres at various locations in the country to:

  • (a) Perform all functions in the capacity of the successor to the erstwhile Software Technology Park Complex which were taken over by STPI.
  • (b) Establish and manage the infrastructural resources such as integrated infrastructure including international communication/data centre/incubating facilities etc. for 100% export-oriented units and to render similar services to the users other than exporters.
  • (c) Undertake other export promotional activities such as technology assessments, market analysis, market segmentation as well as to organise workshops/exhibitions/seminars/conferences etc.
  • (d) Facilitate specialised training in the niche areas to meet the above objectives.
  • (e) Work closely with respective State Government and act as an interface between Industry and Government.
  • (f) Promote secondary and tertiary locations by establishing STPI presence to promote Software Technology Park / Electronics Hardware Technology Park Scheme, and promotional schemes announced by Government.
  • (g) Promote entrepreneurship through incubation programmes/seed funds/IP development and other awareness programmes.
  • (h) Assist State Governments in formulating IT policies and liaison for promoting the IT industries in respective states to achieve an exponential growth of exports.
  • (i) Promote quality and security standards in the IT industry.
  • (j) Work jointly with venture capitalists for providing financial assistance to the IT industry.
  • (k) Provide Project Management and Consultancy services both at national and international level in the areas of expertise of STPI

(2) Perform financial management functions to:

  • (a) Obtain or accept grants, subscription, donations, gifts, bequests from Government, Corporations, Trusts, Organisations or any person for fulfilling the objectives of STPI.

    Note: Whenever any gifts, bequests from foreign Governments/organisations are accepted/obtained, they shall be routed through the Government and be regulated by such directions as may be issued by the Government

  • (b) Maintain a fund for crediting:
    All money provided by the Central Government, State Governments, Corporations, Universities etc.
    All fees and other charges received by the STPI.
    All money received by STPI by way of grants, gifts, donations, benefactions, bequests or transfers.
    All money received by STPI in any other manner or from any other source.
  • (c) Deposit all money credited to the Fund in Scheduled Banks / Nationalized Banks or to invest in such a manner for the benefit of the STPI as may be prescribed. At least 60% of the funds shall be placed with the Public Sector Banks or in such a manner as may be prescribed by the Government from time to time.
  • (d) Draw, make, accept, endorse and discount cheques, notes or other negotiable instruments and for this purpose, to sign, execute and deliver such assurance and deeds as may be necessary for the purposes of STPI.
  • (e) Pay out of the funds maintained by STPI or part thereof, the expenses incurred by the STPI from time to time including all expenses incidental to the formation and reorganisation of STPI and management and administration of any of the foregoing activities including all rents, rates, taxes, outgoings and the salaries of the employees.
  • (f) Acquire, hold and dispose of the property in any manner whatsoever for the purposes of STPI, with the prior approval of Governing Council as per the procedure laid down by Government.

(3) Do all such acts and things as may be required in order to fulfill the objectives of STPI.

Quality Policy

We at STPI shall work as a true single window service provider for 100% Export Oriented Units and shall provide State of the Art Data Communication facilities to our customers. We shall continuously strive to delight our customers by adopting quality as basic business principle in all services by fulfilling the requirements of all stakeholders and continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System.

Quality Objective

  • To work towards the advancement of the technology industry, introduction and encouragement of emerging technologies to meet customer requirements in ever-changing markets in India and abroad.
  • To provide conducive environment for upgradation of the technical knowledge of STPI personnel through seminars/conferences/trainings.
  • To develop and maintain state-of-art data communication infrastructure as per the global standards.
  • To deliver comprehensive services including project approvals, import attestation, software export certification etc., within a time-bound manner to boost countries’ export growth.
  • To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by combining planning and execution of the projects through dedicated workforce.
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