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About Modified Surveillance Process

The Government has notified the "Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012" mandating Indian Safety Standards for the notified goods under the ambit of Registration Scheme notified by BIS under the BIS Act, 1986.

The effective surveillance is an integral part of the Compulsory Registration Order ( The surveillance comprises of random surveillance of registered manufacturer and market surveillance to curb the sale of non-registered/non-compliant notified goods being sold in the market. MeitY has revamped the surveillance process wherein Software Technology Parks of India has been entrusted with the administration of the surveillance. STPI shall be performing the surveillance activities like collection/storage/delivery of the test samples to the BIS recognized labs, review of test reports and collection of charges (as notified by MeitY) for implementation of "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012" notified on 03.10.2012.

Guidelines for Deposit Collection

1. The Brand/Manufacturer shall be responsible for identifying their eligible R-Numbers (the R-Number bearing the Maximum M.R.P or anticipated to be of maximum value) from each of their product categories against which the deposit will be paid.

2. You may submit the deposit against your eligible registration number using any of the following methods:

2.1 Using AdHoc charges released by MeitY

In case you wish to pay towards the deposit using the AdHoc charges released by MeitY, then the final amount required to be paid to STPI (as per the product category) for performing surveillance may be accessed under the option “Know Your Surveillance Charges”. Please note, for each product category there are two rows. One includes the cost of the counter sample and the other row is without the counter sample. You are requested to choose the row based on your preference. However, it must be noted, that in case you choose the option without the counter sample, you will be required to submit the declaration via. email (Click here to download the declaration for counter sample) to pmu[dot]crs[at]stpi[dot]in. 


Using the M.R.P of the Product

Or, In case you wish to pay towards the deposit using the actual MRP of the product, then replace the amount in the proposed AdHoc cost of the sample column and calculate the other eligible charges using the amount given in the “Know Your Surveillance Charges” against your product category (Lab Test Charges, Packaging and Transportation Charges and if applicable, Storage Charges). The final amount so calculated, must be inclusive of taxes.

2.2 Made To Order

In case your product is Made To Order, you have to only make the payment towards the deposit including Lab Test Charges, Packaging and Transportation Charges and Storage Charges. Also, you are required to submit the undertaking (Click here to download the undertaking) confirming that the product in question is a Made To Order product.

3. The deposit has to be paid to the following bank account:

Name of Account Holder:Software Technology Parks of India
Account Number:05860100024530
Location/Station:Sansad Marg
Branch Address:Sansad Marg, New Delhi
IFS Code of Bank:BARB0PARLIA (Fifth letter is zero)

The payment can be made using either NEFT/IMPS/RTGS. If you are making deposit by using Debit/Credit Card, use Domestic (Indian) Cards to deposit the amount. As our BANK accepts deposit in Indian Rupee (INR) only. .

Note: Please ensure while performing the NEFT/IMPS/RTGS that the remark column must be filled with the R Number for which the deposit is being paid. The last date to submit the deposit for the surveillance is 31.03.2019.

4. Storage for Counter Sample(s)

The duly sealed counter sample(s), if picked up based on the declaration of the Manufacturer/AIR, would be stored by STPI only and the storage charges as stipulated in "Market Surveillance Policy" shall apply (Ref. Pt. No. 3.8.10 of the policy).

5. Upon making the payment, it is mandatory to send the payment confirmation details to pmu[dot]crs[at]stpi[dot]in along with the following details:

Product Category: 
Other R-Numbers included within the aforementioned Product Category: 
Name of the Brand: 
Address of the Brand: 
Name of the Brand Contact Person: 
Email Address of the Brand Contact Person: 
Contact Number of the Brand Person: 


Name of the Manufacturer: 
Address of the Manufacturer: 
Name of the Manufacturer contact person: 
Email Address of the Manufacturer contact person: 
Contact Number of the Manufacturer Contact Person: 


Name of the AIR: 
Contact Number of the AIR: 
Email Address of the AIR: 
Address of the AIR: 


Total Deposited Amount: 
UTR Number: 


All the aforementioned details should be mandatorily sent to pmu[dot]crs[at]stpi[dot]in. At present, payment confirmation is not provided. However, in case of payment issues, the same may be notified to pmu[dot]crs[at]stpi[dot]in.

Know your Surveillance Charges

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