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High Speed Data Communication Service 

One of the most important contributions of the STPI to the software exporting sectors is that of providing High Speed data Communications Services. STPI provides 24X7 technical support and 99.9% of uptime for softlink and co-location services. STPI offers soflink is a service offering internet access on a shared and a premium basis. This services was launched to cater to the rising needs of the industry for quality and committed services


Salient  Features 

•          High throughput and excellent loading ratio.

•          Wired Local Loop Backup

•          Minimum downtime with carrier Neutral Service

•          Peering with Tier-1 Service provider Providers

•          Capacity on multiple International Fibre Cable Systems

•          24/7 customer support


IT Managed Services / Co-Location Services 

•          Co-Location services allow the client to store critical server equipment in a purpose built facility along with other client server. The facility is managed to provide reliable networking, power and security services

•         STPI offer wide range of Web Hosting services, the packages ranging from shared to dedicated hosting on Windows, Linux, Solaris platforms to small to large scale, multi rack or cage hosting for all mission critical services

STPI Gwalior Escalation Matrix 



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