Statutory Services

Single Window Clearance

STPI provides 100% software exporting units with Single Window clearance and fiscal support to enable smooth operations and facilitate industry growth

   STP Scheme  

STP scheme is a 100% Export Oriented Scheme (100% EoU) for the development and export of computer software using data communication links or in the form of physical media including export of professional services. STP can be a virtual software development unit or can be infrastructural complex set-up for providing necessary support for the STP units.

  1. Approvals are given under single window clearance scheme
  2. Projects involving imported capital goods upto US$ 10 millions with Indian Investment are cleared by local STP Authorities
  3. 100% Foreign equity is permitted
  4. All the imports in the STP units are completely duty free
  5. Re-export of capital goods is permitted
  6. Domestic purchases by STP units are eligible for the benefit of deemed exports to the equipment suppliers
  7. STP units are exempted from corporate income tax till 2010
  8. Sales in the Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) shall be permissible upto 100% of the export in value terms as a post export benefit