Datacom (Operations)

Lifeline for your mission critical Data needs

STPI holds the pioneer status of having been the first commercial Internet Service Provider of India.

STPI undoubtedly provides one of the Best Connectivity solutions, perfect for mission critical Data Transfer needs. Our services on Satellite and Fiber Technology with domain expertise in Last mile connectivity make us an ideal service provider. STPI is a Category A ISP providing the following services.

STPI Service Portfolio

High Speed Data Communication Services

Softpoint circuits or IPLC (International Private Leased Line Circuits ) service is a International site to site connectivity solution using completely private circuits ensuring best service quality and maximum security.

Our International private leased lines, offer connectivity from India to locations abroad. Using our IPLC service, offices in India can connect to their offices abroad on a completely private circuit.

A proven track record of quality and reliability of service over the last decades makes us the ideal carrier for your mission critical data needs.With consistent round trip delay and symmetric bandwidth offered this solution is ideal for Software Exporters, ITES units and MNCs having international connectivity requirements.

  1. Multiple Options viz: Fiber , Satellite media for International Connectivity
  2. Connectivity solutions from 64k to DS3 capacity and above
  3. Comprehensive Network Management System
  4. Wide range of End interfaces available like V.35, G.703 etc.
  5. Single point contact for all support activities
  6. Quality service provided as per the committed SLA
  7. 24X7 support through out the year technical to restore any problem & continuous health monitoring of the Link

Internet Access Made Easy

We offer internet solutions in the form of Internet leased lines. softLINK is a service offering Internet access on a shared & premium basis. We also cater to the ISP segment, providing them raw bandwidth. Our softLINK is one of the best in terms of latency and redundancy.

This service is ideal for software exporters, call center operations and other organizations which require connectivity for real time applications, FTP, voice applications etc.

  1. Connectivity to TIER 1 Internet backbones enabling lowest latency
  2. High Throughput and excellent loading ratio.
  3. Quality Service provided as per the committed SLA
  4. Maximum uptime due to hot redundancy built in at failure points
  5. Multi-homed Gateway
  6. Wire line & Wire Less local loop
  7. Comprehensive Network Management System
  8. 24X7 support through out the year technical to restore any problem & continuous health monitoring of the Link.
  9. Online traffic monitoring  & link utilization status report are provided for better bandwidth management.

Last Mile Connectivity (local Loop):

Option 1: Microwave Radio Network (Wireless):

STPI has been renowned for its own Multi-point Microwave network to cater to the immediate needs of the customers. This network had been further strengthened by the addition of Point-to-Point radio networks enabling the delivery of N * 2 Mbps link over the last mile.

STPI's microwave network has evolved to be one of the biggest microwave networks in use for data communication in the country and has now become a true multi vendor network.

Option 2: Terrestrial Network (Wired ):

?Companies within Electronics City are served with own Optic Fibre Connectivity (OFC). ?Have understanding with all major service providers such as Tata Teleservices, Bharti Airtel, Reliance, BSNL, Power Grid, RailTel, etc. to service last mile over copper / Optic-Fibre. ?Quality of Service in terms of latency (< 10ms), redundancy, etc are ensured in both Copper & Optic-Fibre Connectivity.

STPI provides multiple options in last mile connectivity leaving the choice with its customers and acts as a single window for implementation and billing of terrestrial last mile.

STPI Offers Premium Service on Fiber

STPI offers Premium IP Based Services through Fiber with best service quality and comprehensive SLA.

STPI offers premium IP services through fiber backbone giving its customers another option for sound broadband connectivity. This service shall initially be positioned as a niche offering providing full duplex connectivity and minimal end to end delay.

Moreover, STPI will provide a complete SLA to its customers which shall guarantee the committed uptime. Customers can use this service for mission critial applications where latency and uptime are crucial parameters.

This service is ideal for software exporters, call center operations and other organixations which have requirements of connectivity for real time applications, FTP and voice applications.

Co-location Services

Co-location Services allow client to store critical server equipment in a purpose built facility along with other client servers. The facility is managed to provide reliable networking and power and security services. If required client can access his machines by going to the facility at any time

  1. High precision Air-conditioning system to take care of the cooling needs
  2. Highly Secured & robust network with committed SLA
  3. Rack-space with standard specifications provided to place the servers
  4. 24/7/365 technical support to restore any problems and continuous health monitoring of the server
  5. Monthly server status reports provided
  6. 24 hrs uninterrupted power supply with the redundant levels of backup
  7. Fire safety and smoke detection systems
  8. Bio-Metric access control mechanism in place in order to protect un-authorized access to server resources

NIXI - National Internet Exchange of India

NIXI is a non-profit domestic exchange with Internet Exchange Points (IXP) across the country (in the four metros initially) enabling the ISPs to route domestic traffic within the country, instead of taking it all the way to the US (or wherever the respective servers may be based) and back.

Currently, barring a few Goliath having their own gateways, lesser ISPs traditionally buy international access (upstream connectivity) from one or more of the bigger ISPs.

NIXI is housed at the State of the Art Network Management Centers of STPI-Noida which is equipped with ultra modern technology ideal for supporting such a venture