Software Technology Parks of India - Allahabad
  1. STPI Allahabad has been setup in the campus of MNNIT to provide infrastructure, Datacom facilities and Technical manpower needed for the same growth of IT-Industry.
  2. Allahabad is a historians paradise. History lies embedded everywhere, in its fields, forests and settlements. Forty-eight kilometers, towards the southwest, on the placid banks of the Yamuna, the ruins of Kaushambi, capital of the Vatsa kingdom and a thriving center of Buddhism, bear silent testimony to a forgotten and bygone era. On the eastern side, across the river Ganga and connected to the city by the Shastri Bridge is Jhusi, identified with the ancient city of Pratisthanpur, capital of the Chandra dynasty. About 58 kilometers northwest is the medieval site of Kara with its impressive wreckage of Jayachand's fort. Sringverpur, another ancient site discovered relatively recently, has become a major attraction for tourists and antiquarians alike
Services Offered at STPI - Allahabad
  1. Statutory Services - Software Technology Park (STP) scheme is a 100% Export Oriented Scheme (100 % EOU). It is for the development and export of computer software using data communication link or physical media, including export of the professional services. STP can be a virtual software developments unit or can be infrastructural complex set-up for providing necessary support for the STP Units.
  2. Incubation Services - STPI pioneered the concept of Business Incubators in the country. Our Plug n Play offices are targeted at SME who need startup assistance. These Incubation facilities offer excellent facilities at very attractive rates
  3. Datacom Services - STPI holds the pioneer status of having been the first commercial Internet Service Provider of India. STPI Undoubtedly provides one of the best connectivity Solutions, perfect for mission critical Data transfer needs. Our services on satellite and Fiber Technology with domain, expertise in last mile connectivity make us an ideal service provider. STPI is a Category A ISP provider services.
  4. Project Management & Consultancy Services - Feasibility Study, Conceptualization and design, Procurement, Implementation and Project Management, Process Engineering, Operations Management etc.
  5. Other Services - Web Hosting, FTP Facility, Value Added Services, Last Mile Connectivity, Consultancy etc.
Contact Us

Sh. Surya Kumar Pattanayak
Additional Director & OIC
Software Technology Parks of India
STP Complex, Adjacent Gomti Barrage
Gomti Nagar Lucknow - 226010
Uttar Pradesh
Ph.: +91-522-2307913, 2307915

Escalation Chart
For any type of information on STPI Service Escalation, you are requested to contact the following preferably on Email
First Escalation Point (Immediate)
(Within 30 Minutes)
: Shift Incharge Tel. +91-532-2545628 Fax: +91-532-2545628
Mob. : 9838141245
Email :
Second Escalation Point
(After Two(2) Hours)
: Sh. Nikhil Kumar Rai
Dy. Director
Tel. +91-532-2545628
Mobile : +91-7080175553
Email :
Third Escalation Point
(After Four(4) Hours)
: Sh. Surya Kumar Pattanayak
Addl. Director
Tel. +91-522-2307913/15
Mobile : +91-9506253333