Accessibility Features

Accessibility Features

This website has incorporated the following Accessibility Features:

Skip to Main Content: Quick access directly to the core content on the page to enable keyboard users avoid going through repetitive navigation.

Accessibility Options: Options to change the size of the text and set a color scheme are provided as image icons at the top of every web page. For example, a person with visual disability such as low vision would find the default text size of the page content difficult to read. In such a situation, you can use one of the options to increase the size of the text for clear visibility and better readability. Following different options are provided in the form of image icons:

Decrease text size: Enables decreasing the text size of page content up to two levels

Increase text size: Enables increasing the text size of page content up to two levels

High Contrast view: Applies the black color as the background and suitable colors to the text on the screen to improve readability

Standard view: Brings the screen back to its original appearance

Apart from these, descriptive link texts, appropriate titles and alternate texts for images, consistent style of presentation, JavaScript independent functionalities and information have been provided in the website.